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Richard Feynman: What I cannot create, I do not understand.

Richard Feynman at his best

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NOVIDADE (Curso, em Português) 

News Scientix Course: Modellus, Mathematical Modelling of Problems & Processes

An Online Course about Modellus promoted by Scientix.

Recent papers about Modellus
Modellus X 0.1 Release Candidate

Welcome to the Modellus webpage
A visual introduction to Modellus 4
: a tutorial and just the essential features...

Does your institution need consultancy on using modelling and other scientific software to improve maths and science education in schools and, or, undergraduate studies and teacher education? Contact

Download Modellus Version 4.01 (Please sign-in or log-in first)

Road Map... if the project can get enough funds
Modellus PDF Flyer and Tutorial: English; Portuguese

A collection of examples made with Modellus 4 (also included on the Modellus setup file)

Do you want to collaborate in making a version in your own language (it takes about 4 hours...) ? Please contact
Versions under development: GR, CN.
Versions already available: UK, PT, SP, NL

pt Sessões de divulgação em Portugal? Clique aqui...

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Skip Modellus 4: Thanks and acknowledgements

Modellus 4: Thanks and acknowledgements

  • To all teachers and students who make comments and suggestions
  • To Kirill Grouchnikov for his great substance and flamingo libraries
  • To the Crystal project for providing high quality icons under the LGPL license
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